Resolve Your Open or Expired Permits in St. Petersburg and Tampa with an Engineering Affidavit

Navigating the complexities of open or expired permits can be a daunting task for homeowners in St. Petersburg, Tampa, and surrounding areas. Whether you're trying to sell your home, undertake renovations, or simply replace your roof, an Engineering Affidavit or permit letter from a licensed engineer is often the key to moving forward. At Oasis Engineering, we specialize in providing these essential services to ensure your project complies with the Florida Building Code and helps you close out those lingering permits.

Oasis Engineering

1/4/20241 min read

a house under construction with a pile of dirt in front of it
a house under construction with a pile of dirt in front of it

What is an Engineering Affidavit? An Engineering Affidavit, also known as a permit letter, is a certification provided by a licensed engineer, like those at Oasis Engineering. This document verifies that any work associated with an open or expired permit adheres to the Florida Building Code standards in effect at the time the permit was issued. It’s an essential tool for homeowners in St. Petersburg, Tampa, and nearby counties looking to resolve permit issues.

Our Process: Our experienced engineers at Oasis Engineering will:

  1. Review Open Permits: Conduct a thorough online review of your open permit file.

  2. On-site Inspection: Perform a visual, non-invasive inspection on your property to assess the work related to the expired permit.

  3. Code Compliance Check: Compare the construction with the Florida Building Code in effect when the permit was originally issued.

  4. Documentation: Capture photographs and retain detailed notes for future reference, ensuring proof of compliance.

Receiving Your Engineering Affidavit: Upon completing our assessment, you'll receive a digitally signed and sealed Engineering Affidavit from Oasis Engineering. This document should then be submitted to your local Permitting Department in St. Petersburg or Tampa, facilitating the closure of your open or expired permit.

Local Permitting Department Locations:

  • St. Petersburg: Building & Permitting, MSC Building, 1 4th St. N., St. Petersburg, Florida, 33701.

  • Tampa: Building & Construction Services, County Center Office, 601 E. Kennedy Blvd., 19th Floor, Tampa, Florida 33602.

When Do You Need an Engineering Affidavit?

According to Section 105, Chapter 1 of the 2023 Florida Building Code (FBC) 8th Edition, a permit is required for various construction and renovation projects. Common projects that may leave open or expired permits include pool installations, roof replacements, electrical upgrades, HVAC swap-outs, and more. An Engineering Affidavit is crucial in these scenarios to ensure compliance and close out the permits.

Our Commitment to You:

At Oasis Engineering, each client receives an electronically transmitted permit letter, along with two hard copies mailed for your records. Don't let open or expired permits stall your projects.

Contact us today for prompt and professional Engineering Affidavit services in St. Petersburg, Tampa, and the surrounding areas.